My High and Dry January: Part 3

Guys, we did it! Or in my case, did like 85% of it. That’s a solid B+ though, and as such is the case with many of life’s endeavours—you don’t have to be perfect, just good enough.

Over the last month I learned that I often reach for alcohol when I’m feeling stressed, or to relax. And cannabis has proven to be a pretty seamless substitute that helps squash my feelings of anxiety, while supporting all the good-for-me things I’m trying to incorporate more fully into my life and routine (an earlier bedtime, reading more, healthier eating habits…).

In 30 days I’ve picked up a meditation habit, had a pretty significant breakthrough in therapy, devoured multiple parenting books (Omg, the Conscious Parent. In all seriousness, the best parenting book I have ever read), learned some ukulele, and generally have been better just existing in the “as is” of life. I’m on my phone less, being kinder to myself and don’t want to brag but I am officially a master frittata-maker.

That’s not to say there’s not a place for my booze. I love spicy, limey micheladas with brunch and a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir is something I’m not trying to do without. That being said, I want less mindless alcohol in 2020. Less pouring a glass after my kid is in bed on a Tuesday because “that’s what I usually do” or overdoing it on a rare night out with friends because it’s well, rare. Continuing the consciousness and accountability that helped me feel centered in January—drinking if I want to, and not drinking if I don’t.

As far as what I’m taking with me into the next year—not-so-shocker, a lot of it is cannabis! Like my Juna Nightcap Sleep Drops that I will never give up. Like ever ever. I sleep like a BABY (until my baby wakes me up at 5:58am on the dot). Or my Langom Teas. Specifically Boost with Mate Chai. It wakes me up and mellows me out all at once. Literal perfection in a few minutes. My Tonic CBD vape is the most herbaceously-delicious vape I have ever had the pleasure of puffing. It takes the edge off in such a pleasant and clean way. And when I’m looking for a more heavy-hitter (lol), after my son is in bed, out at a party, etc, I’ll keep puffing my THC vape.

I’m heading to California in a couple months sans-kiddo (omg sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!) and am so looking forward to hitting a couple dispensaries, where I’ll stock up on low-dose THC gummies, grab a pre-rolled for my husband and hopefully discover some cool shit I’ve never even heard of! And since I’m signing off (for now), I want to wish everyone (especially moms/parents) a year of self-discovery, self care, self fulfillment, and lots and lots of weed :). BAI!

xx Jesse