Poplar Gift Guide

This year we have learned, we have grown, we have cried, and we have done just about everything but pull our hair out! While it's been a year that tests our resilience, it's also a year that deserves more thoughtful and useful presents than normal.

Instead of getting grandma a box of chocolates, maybe try some of our natural stress relievers. Or a nice bath soak for mom to melt her troubles away. Who ever it is in your life, or whether it's for you, we can all use a little break and a breath of fresh air.

So this year, Poplar put together the Poplar Gift guide with you, your friends, and your family in mind -- putting together a list of the tools you or your loved ones may need to feel better now and redefine your wellness.

For the 'Oh So Particular'

Under the Tongue Sleep Spray
Potent under the tongue CBD and CBN-rich mouth spray. Relaxing and designed for promoting deeper sleep. Blended with mint for a compounded terpene effect. Use the Rest Spray and anticipate a quiet mind and a rest-filled night.

Full Spectrum High-Dose CBD Oil
Common Ground's Wake Tincture is a pure and simple full spectrum hemp CBD in MCT oil designed for everyday supplemental use. Slightly berry flavored.

Herbal Brain Focus Supplement
Plant People's Clear Focus Capsules are a clinical-strength formula that supports brain function, focus, mood and mental clarity with herbal nootropics, mushrooms, and adaptogens.

Balancing Ear-Seed Acupressure
Unlock stagnant energy with traditional Chinese medicine. The ear is a microsystem of the whole body with hundreds of acupressure points ready to transform body and mind. Ear seeds are tiny beads placed on acupressure points on the ear. This Ear Seed kit is an easy and needle-free way to empower your health daily and the ultimate feel-good bling.

Restorative Hand Cream
This smooth, non greasy lotion is designed to be used all over the body, but is great for a focused application on the hands. Concentrated with CBD, calendula, St. John's Wort and sage for minor pain relief.

Peace of Mind

Balancing + Grounding Tincture
This Adaptogen Balance is a blend of complementary herbs that supports you through the ups, downs, highs and low lows of daily life.

Inhale a Clearer State of Being
Blended to soothe the sinuses, the Make & Mary Clarity Inhaler relaxes your state of mind while alleviating pressure and respiratory tensions. Using a blend of plant aromas including cannabis terpenes, eucalyptus, lavender and ylang ylang inhalation promotes relaxation.

Indoor/Outdoor Sinus Relief Capsule
Composed of ingredients clinically proven (Tinospora, Nettles, Butterbur, and Spirulina) to support healthy sinus passages, Hilma's Indoor/Outdoor Support capsules provide natural sinus relief and support for a diversity of common irritants like pollen and dust.

Gift Sets for Everyone

Feel Good Bevy Mix Gift Set
Rather than reaching for booze by default when you’re craving a “me” moment or are catching up with old friends, why not try a cup of something simple, plant-based, and delicious. We’re not here to tell you to go totally cold turkey - we still love a celebratory pop of a bottle and clink of a glass, we just think it is nice to have some alternatives now and then.

Reset, Restore + Repair Gift Set
We designed this limited-edition gift set to help you reset, restore, and repair from the madness. Let the products included help you restore not just your body and mind, but your sense of self and community. Each item featured is from a BIPOC-owned brand.

High Vibes Gift Set
A gift set for the classiest “consumers” this Limited Edition High Vibes Gift Set is the perfect gift for your classiest cannabis-loving friend. There is nothing better than indulging with etiquette and intentionality.

Healing Waters Gift Set
Poplar's exclusive Healing Waters Gift Set includes a trio of products for a spa style soaking session at home. Designed for you to dive deeply into your own healing with the help of ritualizing the bathing experience. Overall this kit is for enhancing relaxation, finding a little stress relief, or exploring deeper applications from pain relief to enhanced sleep.

Pleasure Gift Set
Poplar's exclusive Pleasure Gift Set includes a trio of products for elevated pleasure. Designed for you - or for you and a "friend." Simple sexual enhancement and enhanced arousal or even an elevated mood and a little stress relief.

Not sure what you need?

There is really no one-size-fits-all here. Think of this like integrative medicine, we're not just treating an ailment, we're looking to find solutions to underlying problems.

So if you have trouble sleeping, we could give you the Juna Nightcap Sleep Tincture, but wouldn't you rather fix the root of the sleeplessness? Studies show anxiety to be a major contributor to sleep challenges. Treating the symptoms just creates dependency and more imbalances.

At Poplar we work to get away from that to offer solutions for the whole person in a simple and manageable way.

Gratis 15 Minute Consultation

We offer gratis 15 minute consultations with our chief product officer, Blair Lauren Brown. She's been in the cannabis and well care practices across modalities for almost 20 years, so in the session, she helps understand what customers are looking for and then guides them to the right products and tools.

Schedule your free 15 minute consultation here.