Summer Friday's with Lulu from On the Revel

This week for our Summer Friday series we talk with Lulu Tulsi, the Co-Founder of On the Revel, a NY based cannabis collective hosting the dopest events! During COVID, On the Revel took their events digital and host a weekly series, DOPE PEOPLE that you can tune into Fridays at 1pm EST. [Sign up here!]

Lulu is a Brooklyn based UX Designer and plant medicine aficionado🌱 dedicated to thriving in her natural flow state and currently staying in San Miguel, Mexico.

So let's chat with Lulu and find out what her summer go-to's are!

Book(s) on your summer reading bookshelf

Becoming Supernatural, Food of the Gods, Oryx and Crake

Songs on Your Summer Soundtrack
All things Neil Francis and Polo and Pan

Favorite Anti-Racist Resources
Almost Consulting, Cannaclusive, Saki Fenderson, @thebrittanyb_ on IG.

What has anti-racism work looked like you?
Volunteering UX skills to anti-racist organizations. Spending my dollars with BIPOC owned companies, buying weed from BIPOC owned companies ✊🏼When not social distancing, favorite summer travel destinationAnywhere in the Mediterranean

Go-to Summer Recipe
Seared Salmon With Israeli Couscous Salad:

Go-to Summer Cocktail/Mocktail
Limonada Mineral - I've been slamming these down every day in Mexico! https://theothersideofthetorti...

Summer Beauty/Skincare Essentials
Cold-pressed Rose Hip Oil and Your favorite summer routine/ritualOption 1

Go-to Poplar product for Summer
Tonic Chronic Tonic Roll On

Summer Cannabis Rituals
Just moved to Mexico so spending a lot of time exploring San Miguel de Allende. I've been taking a 5mg gummy with a 250mg mushroom microdose to walk and wonder about the city. Also Hemp Oil for massages and use with the Theragun!

Thing you’re missing most in this post-COVID summer
Gatherings with Friends

Thing surprising you most about this post-COVID summer
A business partnership turning into a life partnership 🧡

Favorite summer activity to get your heart rate up
Well I'm in love so...🙂🙃😉