The Cancer - Orange Cream Honeysuckle Mocktail

At Poplar we're all about the "Dryish" lifestyle. We like to mix our weed with CBD and Barbari [Airplane Mode is our current favorite], and we also bounce back and forth between non-alcoholic "mocktails" and a beer, wine, or even some tequila.

It honestly depends on the day and the events that transpired on that day. We do like to make sure, we consume with intention though or at least a little more mindful than in the past.

Part of consuming more consciously also comes with creating your own fun and funky cocktails/mocktails. Cue our new mocktail [which can be deliciously made with vodka or gin], The Cancer.

Part of wellness means playing with plants and plant medicine, so we decided to create a cocktail that pairs with each zodiac sign and the herb, flower, or fruit associated with that zodiac sign. And since we're currently in watery Cancer we started with this.

Cancer is closely tied to the Honeysuckle flower and her sweet notes. So for this cocktail/mocktail, you will need some honeysuckle syrup or honeysuckle extract.

P.S.: If you want to make your drink extra special, try some of the Juna Daily Drops.