The Inside Scoop on Kaleidoscope

We pride ourselves on discovering the best - and Kaleidoscope is no exception. From the formulation to the packaging and founding story, we love what they are about and we are excited to exclusively share their product with our community.

We spent a little time with the lovely Ana Rosenstein, founder and mastermind behind the brand. See below for a window into the Kaleidoscope soul...

Q: Give us the details... How did you get here?

A: I’ve been using CBD for a long time for a host of reasons. I first started using it in topical form (although admittedly in a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio) to treat body pain. I was a dancer throughout my childhood and now spend every possible moment skiing around the world. As you can imagine, I live with immense bodily pain. I have the back pain of a 75 year old man and a knee that swells up to the size of grapefruit after a day on the mountain or by the end of a good, long run. I spent two months skiing around the world alone before I got my MBA, and despite having the time of my life, I lived in constant agony. I started doing some research on the other benefits of CBD. I had read that CBD helped eliminate “brain fog” and might in fact help you focus. That intrigued me because throughout all of college I was prescribed what I would describe as a lethal dose of Vyvanse (the fancy version of Adderall). During my four years as an undergrad at Brown, I worked harder than I ever imagined and weaning myself off a medically necessary substance seemed impossible. I knew I wanted to get myself off Vyvanse but every time I tried I couldn’t keep my eyes open due to the years of relying on a stimulant, much less get my work done. After graduation, I went to work at betaworks as an investment associate and knew I had to learn how to function “on my own.” I slowly began to wean myself off but still didn’t know how to deal with my medically diagnosed, very real trouble focusing. It dawned on me that if CBD was known to help eliminate brain fog, maybe I should start ingesting it in oil form to see if it helped me. Sure enough, I started to have some success. Since then and throughout my time getting my MBA at Harvard Business School, I figured out how to self medicate with a combination of coffee and CBD, which is what ultimately led me to develop our Kaleidoscope Wake formula.Despite the positive experience I’d had with CBD (and THC admittedly) the product I truly wanted didn’t exist. I encountered a sea of CBD products that in my mind leaned more toward the recreational side than the functional. That didn’t make sense to me. CBD is a functional substance. It helps treat body pain, anxiety, inflammation to name a few. So why was it being put in gummy bears and cocktails? At my most stressed, I didn’t want to ingest a substance that was intended to quell that anxiety coupled with a lump of sugar. So, I knew I had to develop a capsule but I had to figure out how to increase the bioavailability of a substance that has a pesky habit of resisting entering the bloodstream. Enter cap in cap technology (a form of microencapsualtion).

Q: How is Kaleidoscope unique?

A: I like to say that I created the CBD for type-A people, people like me. Those who push their bodies and minds every single day and can actually benefit from CBD to make themselves more productive versions of themselves. I think one of the big misconceptions around CBD is that it chills you out to the point of being unproductive. I find that it's the exact opposite. CBD makes me more productive. I can function to my full potential everyday because of the fact that I'm ingesting my Kaleidoscope capsules everyday.

Q: We want more science. Tell us more. How did you formulate? Who did you work with?

A: We work with the largest Ayurvedic medicine company in India - Dabur Research to design all of our formulations. Kaleidsocope products use a hybrid of ayurvedic medicine, western medicine, and CBD to produce formulas that target specific ailments. Our products are made in the United States (hemp sourced in Kentucky and encapsulated in the US as well) but we went to India to develop our formulations because, quite simply, that's where the experts in the space are. Dabur actually has the first license to do research in CBD in India so the hybrid of Ayurveda with CBD in our products was a match made in heaven. I just got back from Delhi where I was touring the facilities and labs where all of our formulations are designed. It was a pretty amazing experience to test different types of products and ayurvedic herbs that we may want to include in the new formulations we're developing.

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