Why Poplar, Why Now?

Poplar exists to bridge the gap between what we are obligated to do, and what we want to be doing. It feels like the world is operating at high speed just moving from one task to the next. Sometimes you want to just sink into your favorite worn couch and turn on a well-loved comedy. Or disconnect from the ties that bind you to the stressors in your life — whatever it is, we want to help.

"We're here to let you know it's okay to bury that to-do list and breathe for a minute or two."

At Poplar, we know the world of wellness is changing every day. New ingredients, new brands, new promises – and when it comes to CBD and cannabis, a whole new frontier!

With a seemingly endless amount of CBD brands on the market, it can feel daunting to begin searching for the right CBD product. But rest assured, all of Poplar's products have been tested and are here to help, for whenever you need to tone down the alarms in your life.

We were seeing an influx of CBD entering the market, but very few meeting the quality and standards we hold for ourselves. We couldn't find a trusted resource that sold vetted products that fit into our lifestyle, so we built one.

We created a new, chic and honest way to redefine your wellness. By curating a selection of products that target stressors like anxiety, products that can help you focus on restoring balance, or even help with falling asleep. Poplar is on a mission to bring about the calm we’re all searching for.

Bringing you products that people have found help reduce anxiety. Products that allow you to relax, find a moment to breathe, and not worry about your email notifications. Product that can help you slow down and take some much needed time to soak in something that matters. We are dedicated to helping connect you with the best CBD brands!

We know it is a confusing marketplace, 
so we aim to make the process simple while providing clear information that can inform your purchasing. We do the heavy lifting for you by independently testing each product before adding them to our inventory.

And honestly, wellness is a little rebellious. Taking care of your body through plant medicines and more natural remedies is considered rebellious which makes it fun and healthy. So treat your self and heave fun with your health! Because what’s the point if you’re not having fun and feeling good?