WTF is Wellness with Treaty Founders Melany and Freya

Name: Freya Dobson and Melany Dobson, we are sisters!

Instagram: @freyazdobson @melanydobson @hudsonhemp @ourtreaty
Freya: Brand Director at Hudson Hemp, Co-Founder of Treaty
Melany: Co-Founder & Advisor at Hudson Hemp, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Treaty

Neighborhood you currently call home:
Great Barrington, MA in the Berkshires and Lower East Side in Manhattan Originally from: Stockbridge, MA in the Berkshires

Fun Facts - Speed Round :)
Yoga or Cardio - Yoga
Workout Buddy or Solo - Workout Buddy
Heels or sneakers- Sneakers
Beach or pool - Beach
Tap Water or Bottled - Mineral ;) - Freya, Fresh from spring - Melany
Night out Dancing or a Long Dinner - Both!
Ski Vacation or Beach Vacation - Both! -Freya, Ski vacation -Melany=
An all-expense paid trip to SF, LA, Portland, or NYC - SF

CBD, THC, or both - Both; in ratio

Edible or Flower - Flower


Question: Tell us about founding Treaty - what was your aha moment and what is your mission?
When our brother, Ben Dobson, called us to tell us he had harvested 10 acres of hemp in New York, and invited us back East to work together; we were in the hills of Mendocino, where wild horses roam and cell phone service is nonexistent. It was in this landscape that Treaty came to life. Treaty is about the peace between nature and humanity. Our Treaty is to create a beneficial connection between the health of the individual, our community and our environment.

Question: WTF does wellness mean to you? And what role, if any, does cannabis play in “wellness”?
Melany: Wellness means being in touch with [my] intuition; knowing what serves me and when.
Freya: Wellness means being in balance with my body and mind, listening and respecting its needs.

Question: What is your superpower? (Don’t be shy.)
Melany: Attention to detail.
Freya: How I listen, ability to shift spaces.

Question: If the universe could wave a magic wand and grant you something that would help your business, what would it be? And how does it help! We are super into manifesting :)
Answer: Ability to bring on an additional team member, who would evolve areas of our business that are in the pipeline but that we have not had time to attend to.

Question: Now drop some knowledge - if you could give other women advice on starting a business, what would it be? It can be cannabis-related or industry agnostic.
Tune into and follow your intuition; work with purpose.

Freya: Express your truth and remain in touch with how you feel. Society teaches that business and feelings are meant to be separate. Business is an exchange and our energy matters.

Anything else you want to share? Consider this your open mic :)
Cannabis is a way to shift the paradigm. It is the future of fiber, feed, fuel, and medicine.

Quarantine EDIT

How are you surviving this time? What is your schedule? What does all this mean to your small business… Writer's choice.

My life has changed quite drastically! In addition to Treaty and Hudson Hemp, I am working with my friend Peter’s farm, Mill River Farm, in the Berkshires. I am collaborating with the farm to adapt their food supply to the radically new demands of the local market. My schedule is full and despite staying in one place, more diverse than it ever has been. What stays consistent is keeping a fire lit (the fireplace or a candle) and the water flowing (a bath and tea, or both;) )


My life has slowed down. I had spent the last few years traveling between NYC, Hudson and the Berkshires. Now that I have been in one place for an extended period I have tuned back into my body. My schedule is less tense and I make time in my days to take walks, dance, cook, write, read, and be creative. This requires stepping away from technology which I have also found extremely beneficial for my anxiety.

My role with Treaty has shifted as well, I am now furiflling all of our orders, which has been so refreshing to connect to the product and people supporting us during this time.